KEMP LoadMaster [Free Load Balancer] – Installation

I ran into Kemp on the conference floors, the product looked quite polished and got me interested following a demonstration by the booth staff. It has taken me awhile to find time to with play it, but I have deployed a Virtual LoadMaster (Kemp’s Free Load Balancer) into my home … Continue reading

Using vCenter Alarms for Environmental Awareness

VMware vCenter is capable of sending alarns/notification using a few key methods that are great to gain better operational awareness of your environment if you are not utilising a toolset like vRealize Operations Manager to gain these insights into your environment today. Whilst these methods are useful they do not … Continue reading

Managing vCenter/ESXi with VMware Fusion

Connecting to vCenter with VMware Fusion To connect VMware Fusion to vCenter, select “Connect to Server” from VMware Fusion’s file menu. Fill in your vCenter or ESXi IP/FQDN, username and password Hit Connect and start managing your virtual machines from VMware Fusion. To avoid jumping between multiple computers, I have … Continue reading

Evolving the ‘Lift and shift migration’ with Identity Management

Many cloud migrations are done with a lift and shift migration. Relocating legacy virtual machines or converting physical machines into a service providers virtual environment. This method is all about relocating the workload, and cost saving by removing the CapEx expense of physical infrastructure (Generally storage, compute and reduced network … Continue reading

Melbourne VMUG UserCon 2015 – “I moved to a VMware based cloud, What’s Next”


Presented at Melbourne VMUG UserCon 2015 I moved to a VMware based cloud, What’s Next? from Arron Stebbing A change in mindset to look beyond enterprise based environments & evolve your infrastructure in VMware based service provider clouds. How you can be efficient and improve your IT service. Continue reading