Evolving the ‘Lift and shift migration’ with Identity Management

Many cloud migrations are done with a lift and shift migration. Relocating legacy virtual machines or converting physical machines into a service providers virtual environment. This method is all about relocating the workload, and cost saving by removing the CapEx expense of physical infrastructure (Generally storage, compute and reduced network … Continue reading

Add-on or Opt-out what works best?

Recently I have had a common question come up with lots of discussions that I have with Service Providers (this will help anyone building or delivering a service not just Service Providers). The question is aimed at how to productize a service, what get’s included and what gets excluded. Unfortunately … Continue reading

Book Review – Implementing Cloud Storage – OpenStack Swift

Introduction Object Storage’s uptake within the industry is increasingly rapidly. OpenStack Swift is the OpenStack variant of Object Storage, and allows you to consume storage by using API calls. Web based storage is becoming more popular in the world of cloud and business’s are leveraging web based storage to transform … Continue reading