Backup, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

With the ever growing dependence on IT, backup & disaster recovery are necessary services for every environment. Simplifying what is typically time consuming, Backup and Disaster Recovery services are getting more automated and smarted daily. When we consider the evolution of backup mediums across history tape devices, a technology still used … Continue reading

A new beginning – A Decade with DynDNS – A CloudFlare tale

My CloudFlare Journey As a long time DynDNS customer, I recently made the decision to move my services away. For the past 10 years DynDNS has been my Domain, DNS & Email (before the split to DuoCircle) provider. The decision to move my services was not due to bad experience … Continue reading

My Personal Development by community contributions and new experiences

Starting my IT career on a service desk many years ago, I was what I would consider your typical ‘nerd’. I anticipated that I would be happy as a System Admin looking after a large environment. I spent a lot of time in front of a screen, wasn’t overly social. I … Continue reading

KEMP LoadMaster [Free Load Balancer] – Installation

I ran into Kemp on the conference floors, the product looked quite polished and got me interested following a demonstration by the booth staff. It has taken me awhile to find time to with play it, but I have deployed a Virtual LoadMaster (Kemp’s Free Load Balancer) into my home … Continue reading